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Adult Classes

Want to develop an aerial strength and flexibility?

  • Aerial Fitness incorporates hammocks, fitness balls and other fitness equipment in floor exercises that are designed to build overall strength with a particular focus on core strength. It is a full body workout that combines cardio, strengthening and toning moves. Designed for people who are like the words ‘strong’ and ‘fierce’.
  • Splits- A personal Journey– This all-level stretch class is designed to increase your overall flexibility, but with a particular focus on achieving your splits.  No matter if you can’t touch your toes or if you are working towards your over splits, this class is for you.
  • Pilates– a mat-based class designed to develop core overall strength and flexibility, this class will leave you feeling fierce. No experience necessary.
  • Yoga (Vinyasa Flow and Yoga with a Physical Therapist)– these mat-based classes help students use their breath to fuel their bodies though slow movements that both stretch and strengthen. Designed for all fitness levels.
  • Aerial Yoga– a blend of traditional yoga and basic aerial hammock moves, this class allows students to experience weightlessness and inversions while always having the option of keeping a hand or foot on the floor. This class is perfect for beginners to aerial or yoga.

Ready to try but brand-new to aerial? 

  • Adult Intro to Aerial (4-week class) is a starter series that helps students develop strength, flexibility, and coordination while experiencing different apparatus. This class is packed with moves on the silks and trapeze and is designed for you to get a taste of each piece of aerial equipment without having to dedicate yourself to one apparatus. Class will focus on building strength, cross-training, and clean technique in order to progress to a Level 0.5 or Level 1 class.  Suitable for any fitness level, this class provides a broad foundation in the aerial arts. These classes are offered in silks, sling (hammock), trapeze and lyra throughout the year.
  • Silks Level 0.5– This class is designed for beginning adults. Classes will focus on developing strength, form and technique to learn basic footlocks, basic moves in a knot (Rebecca Splits, straddle, gazelle and hipkey) and climbing prep to work towards being able to climb using both the wrap (French) and Russian technique.
  • Sling Level 0.5– This class is designed for beginning adults. Classes will focus on developing strength, form, and technique to learn basic moves in the hammock including a straddle, gazelle, crochet and hipkey) and working on techniques to allow students to be able to pull up into the hammock when it is hanging at chest height.  
  • Trapeze Level 0.5– This class is designed for beginning adults. Classes will focus on developing strength, form, and technique to learn basic moves on the trapeze bar including knee hangs, safe ways to get to a seat on the bar and tuck and straddle mounts. Students learn fundamental technique and basic trapeze moves in a safe and supportive environment. We designed this class to introduce students to movement vocabulary, develop core strength and flexibility, as well as some light partner work and concepts.
  • Lyra Level 0.5– Aerial lyra is also called Aerial Hoop. In this class students will build strength and get comfortable moving on, underneath, and above the hoop. Students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of swinging, spinning, and orbiting.
  • Mid-life Flyers– This beginners silks class is for students ages 40 and over (or almost there). Specifically designed for students who want to spend a little more time on mastering the basics, increasing strength and stability and embracing their own unique aerial journey. Beginners are always welcome. This class is multi-level class that brings together students who thrive in a community that celebrates every individual’s accomplishment.
  • Age-defying Aerialists– This beginner silks class is for students ages 50+ and taught by instructors 50+. Specifically designed to help build strength and flexibility regardless of body type or fitness level, while also helping students identify work-arounds to access moves in different ways. Celebrating the bodies we have and the lives we live, this class is designed to help students find joy and wonder in the air and on the ground.

Ready to Continue Your Aerial Journey?

In Silks:

  • Silks Level 1 is designed for anyone who has completed the Intro to Aerial series class or has been attending the Silks Level 0.5 class and has been advised to try the Level 1 class. This is a fun, safe and creative class that will continue to focus on strong climbs, inversions and hip-key moves. In Level 1 you continue to build strength, while also working on flexibility, and building a vocabulary of aerial skills. On silks, Level 1 is focused on learning a variety of fun poses, building climbing endurance, and learning basic inversions as well as simple sequences.
  • Silks Level 1.5 is for students working on their in-the-air straddle ups, same side and opposite side knee-hooks, cross-back straddle, expansion moves from a Rebecca split and hip-key and some longer sequences. Silks Level 1.5 students will also explore new climbs and develop greater endurance in the air.

  • Silks Level 2 is designed for students who have mastered the skills in the Level 1.5  Silks class and feel comfortable with climbs, ‘in the air’ straddle ups and hip keys, cross-back straddles and have begun to explore more advance moves using same-side and opposite side hooked knees. Classes are designed to build strength, poise, flexibility, stability, and learn the vocabulary required for safe climbs, inverts, wraps and tricks. Students will develop endurance to stay in the air for 3-5 minutes.
  • Silks Level 3 builds off the foundations laid in Silks 2, each class is designed to continue learning more complex moves to build strength, poise, flexibility, and stability. This class will focus on transitions while continuing with difficult moves and drops. Students will also begin to create and understand silks theory. Students should be able to invert easily in the air and be able to stay up on the silks for at least 5 minutes.
  • Silks Level 4 will help the seasoned aerialist emphasize stage presence and individual style; learn choreography, sequencing, transitions and more complex aerial tricks to create an artistic and entertaining act; coordinate music with choreography, and safely apply your skills to every move. Students focus on form, style, and quality of movement while continuing to learn new and more complex moves. Students should be able to invert easily in the air, feel comfortable with major drops and climbs, and be able to stay up in the silks for 5-10 minutes. Usually this class is for students with 5+ years of experience with silks.

In Sling/Hammock:

  • Sling/Hammock Level 1 is for students that have completed the Intro to Aerial Sling series and/or have been taking the Sling Level 0.5 class and been advised to move into a Level 1 class. In this class, students will learn new techniques to pull into their hammock (hung at check height), begin to work on inversion techniques from standing, and incorporate flows from straddle and crochet hooks.
  • Sling/Hammock Level 1.5 is for students that are comfortable in Level 1 and ready to begin more sequences and drops but with a bit more time to work through the pathways and transitions that lead to the moves. This class often incorporates moves learned in previous classes with a new move to help build the aerialists repertoire and hone the students understanding of the intersection of different moves. Aerialist in this class also focus on stamina in the air.
  • Sling Level 2 will take your newly acquired skills to new heights. Typical classes will focus on clean inversions, upper body strengthening exercises, adventurous flows and transitions, and introductions into new pathways and sequences.  Suited for students comfortably invert and pull up, have begun working through sequences on the hammock, are comfortable with moves that require forward, backwards and lateral motion and have a solid understanding of how tension and friction work with hammock moves.  Students begin learning flares.
  • Sling Level 3 explores more advanced tricks, dynamic movement, challenging transitions and lengthier sequences, designed to increase your stamina and endurance. Most of class will be spent with feet in the air, challenging yourself to find new pathways and find ways to stack familiar sequences. This class is made for Sling fanatics! Suited for students who are comfortable with stacked drops, flares and can be in the air for 4-5 minutes as they master a sequence.

In the Dance Trapeze:

  • Trapeze Level 1 students will begin learning rope skills, combinations, and staying up in the air longer. Students can expect to learn skills such as seahorse, front balance, and straddle back balance. This class continues to work on strength development and begins to explore forward backward and lateral movements.
  • Trapeze Level 2 will build on the vocabulary and moves from Level 1, while continuing to build strength, flexibility and proper aerial alignment while starting to sequence and transition moves. Students will learn how to get more creative with their pathways and will do some occasional partnering. Dance and static trapeze will be used.
  • Trapeze Level 3 builds on the foundations offered in Trapeze 1 and 2 with more complex moves and sequencing, inversions in the ropes, and continues to create sequence pieces. Students will continue to develop their strength, flexibility, and proper aerial alignment on dance trapeze as well as some static work for beats and momentum moves.

Dance Trapeze

In the Lyra/Hoop:

  • Lyra Level 1 teaches students basic mounts, shapes, balances, and spins. Students can expect to learn new skills, mounts, dismounts, and transitions while getting stronger and also having the option to incorporate spinning in more ways. Students will also be encouraged to experiment and explore.
  • Lyra Level 2 teaches more complex moves on, under or above the lyra. Perfect your spins, moves and transitions while increasing your strength, flexibility and body awareness on the lyra. Students will begin to learn flares and other more dynamic ways to enter the hoop.
  • Lyra Level 3 focuses on building combinations and creative exploration of movement while building strength, flexibility, and spin tolerance. Students should be comfortable making skills unique by adding their own personality and flair to sequencing and transitions. Students will be working from a range of heights. Flares continue to be explored as does work above the hoop.

Ready to Explore Ropes:

  • Rope Level 1– also known as Corde Lisse. Students in this class will learn a variety of climbs and wraps while staying close to the ground. Students will work on inversions and straddles from the ground of from one step up. Classes may advance to moves like low beats and knee hook climbs. Students are encouraged to wear layers including a tight fitting under layer on thighs and waist and thicker layers on top for their own comfort and protection. Students should already be familiar with aerial, likely through silks or sling classes before taking this class.
  • Rope Level 2– Students in this class can comfortably climb and invert and are beginning to work on sequences and small safe drops. Students are working towards stamina levels that allow them to stay in the air for 2-3 minutes and understand wrap theory to create new pathways to moves.
  • Rope Level 3- Students in this class are incorporating dynamic movement into wrap and drops that start and end in the air. Students will continue to hone their technique and form, while building stamina and strength to work through 4-5 minute sequences.

Want to practice what you learned in class?

  • Open Studio is an instructor supervised free-from practice sessions where students can review and perfect the skills that they are learning in their aerial class. We stress the importance of practicing learned skills and not skills seen on social media or shared by peers. Open studio time is included in the technical class packages or can be purchased individually.