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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not very graceful (I have never been a gymnast/dancer). Will I make a fool of myself?

No! Everyone begins somewhere. We are a happy group of people and Challenge Aerial is an inviting place. We value things like being a healthy version of yourself first and things like being graceful and poised second. If you never remember to point your toes, it really does not matter. We will help you define what it means for you to be graceful and then we will help you work towards reaching that goal. Moreover, we will celebrate each small accomplishment with you.  We like to find laughter and joy in the time we spend in aerial, while helping you grow in grace, strength, and confidence along the way.

What if I don’t have upper body strength?

You are a perfect candidate for any of our beginner classes! We are very good at working with people where they are at and we design our classes to help you build the strength you need in a safe, supportive, and joyful environment. Most beginners come to us without much upper body or core strength at all. We will help you build up your core and upper body strength, as well as increase your flexibility. You will also begin low to the ground to begin, and we will be there with you to walk you through every new move and to spot you as you learn.

Is it dangerous?

There is an element of risk to all physical art forms, sports, and athletic training but your safety is our number one priority.  All our instructors have been through extensive and ongoing training from seasoned professionals. We base our teaching methods and curriculum on clear linear progressions with a strong focus on injury prevention and safe technique. Challenge Aerial is VERY particular about the quality of instruction that we offer, the effectiveness of all spotting techniques, and we keep careful safety logs and do frequent inspections of all equipment and rigging. We ALWAYS work with mats and we NEVER allow a student to attempt a skill that we are not 100% sure is safe for them. We also will remove a student from class if we believe that the student is putting him/herself or others at risk.

How old/young to you have to be to take a class?

Children ages 11 and over are welcome to join Challenge Aerial, and any adult at any age is encouraged to join. Aerial arts are actually gentle on joints, so it is a great sport for adults at any age and we provide instruction to all ages and abilities! We currently have students in their 70s, teens and tweens, and everything in between. We know that everyone is different, and that there will be times in your life when you will need to take things a little easier or step back from the intensity a bit. We encourage conversations with instructors about any conditions or restrictions that may apply (whether it is a moment in time, or a permanent condition) so that we can accommodate. Most of the exercises have variations or adaptations that allow us to scale the exercise to meet you where you are.

My child (grandchild, etc.) is younger than 11 but really wants to take a class.

We cannot offer classes to children younger than 11, but we can offer private lessons for younger students.  Click here to request a private lesson, or call us for more information.

What if I’m afraid of heights?

That’s totally okay. We start off working VERY low to the ground and as you slowly build strength and confidence and as both you and your instructor feel you are ready, you can begin to work higher up but it is important to remember that you can stay low to the ground for as long as you want. There are scores of movements that can be done on silks and trapeze that keep you low to the ground. You can even participate in performance and still stay close to the ground (and the audiences will never realize that is what you are doing).

Is it Expensive?

Challenge Aerial offers a range of pricing options.  Please check our Classes & Pricing section for up to date rates.

What do I wear?

Women: Rest assured, you do not need to wear a leotard or dance outfit for aerial (though you are welcome to wear them if you want). Yoga pants or leggings are perfect. Just make sure that they are mid-calf or full length (we want the back of your knees covered). Tops need to be long enough to tuck in or fitted so it stays in place if you are upside down. You can wear a tank top, but we don’t recommend them for beginner students (we want you to avoid friction burns). Baggy clothes will get caught in the fabrics or trapeze, and will likely rip when you try to pull yourself free.

Men:  Athletic pants that have stretch to the fabric, are not overly baggy and are mid calf length or longer. Running or biking pants work well. Shirts should be long enough to tuck in and not very baggy. Baggy clothes will get caught in the fabrics or trapeze, and will likely rip when you try to pull yourself free.

Kids: Leggings or capris that cover the knees (mid-calf) are perfect. A shirt that is long enough to tuck or is fitted and won’t drop over/around their face if they are upside down on silks or trapeze.

Everyone will work barefoot. Please DO NOT wear shorts or anything that has buttons, snaps, grommets, zippers, studs, or anything that can snag our equipment. ALL jewelry must be removed prior to class except very small stud earrings.