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Our Values

Your safety is our prioritySafety is our first concern. Our concern for your safety will inform our instruction and guidance to you personally, as well as the curriculum we deliver in each class. Certified structural engineers guided our rigging design, we purchase our equipment from reputable suppliers, and we inspect our rigs regularly. All of our teaching has a heavy focus on injury prevention and safe technique and we instill respect in our students for risk management and safety. Since safety in the class is paramount, we will instruct students to sit-out a class if we find that they are ignoring our safety rules or are disrupting the classes and putting other students at risk.

Our instructors are the bestOur coaches are committed to ongoing training and personal development. We continually evaluate our curricula and teaching styles and welcome feedback on how we can improve. We are intentional about what we teach and when in order to help students understand what they are doing, why, and how it works. We welcome feedback on how we can improve our teaching or any aspect of our service delivery. Please email your comments or suggestions to

You Be YouWe encourage students not to compare themselves to others, but celebrate your own unique accomplishments and the accomplishments of others with equal enthusiasm. Do your best. Give yourself grace. Celebrate success and accept that success takes time and somedays are better than others. Find the joy, share the laughter, celebrate the difference and create a community.

Be (and stay) Present Aerial is a time to clean your mind of chatter and inner skeptics and focus on what you are doing, what you are hearing, and the story you want to tell with your form and style.

Live with Respect– We cultivate an environment of respect and expect our students to nurture and grow our respectful environment.