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Expanded Studio Pop-up Classes begin in December.

  • Expanded Studio and new (non-flying) Classes- Well, as always, there are bumps in the road on our aerial journey, but we are near the end of the build-out now. The steel trusses to support our aerial yoga equipment are up, and we await final inspection. The last of the equipment is on order, and we should be able to close out the year with lots of pop-up classes to let you explore something new. We will send an email with the pop-up class schedule (also check FB and IG). What types of classes, you ask? Here is our starting list:
    • Aerial Yoga- these classes are a fusion of aerial and yoga. They offer opportunities to use gravity to stretch and strengthen while staying close to the ground. No experience necessary.
    • Mat-based Pilates– the traditional Pilates form, these focus on core strengthening.  Available to anyone at any level.
    • Dancing!- we know y’all are eager to start moving and we have a range of new instructors that are ready to help you dance. First up on our schedule will be:
      • Latin Dance– we will start off with Salsa and Bachata and add from there. Get those hips moving.
      • Ballroom Dance– yes, it is coming to Grant Park. These are partner classes, so grab a friend, family member, spouse, colleague, neighbor or anyone you won’t mind spending an hour with and learn the grace and flow of ballroom dancing.
      • Techno Ballet– a blend of traditional ballet and modern dance, this class is designed to help folks tell their story through dance. Open to all levels.
      • Modern Dance- never had a pair of pointe shoes? No worries. These classes will help you find your own voice through creative movement.
    • Mat-based Yoga– the yoga tradition will continue, with both traditional flow classes as well as some alignment-focus flow classes. Available for all levels.