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Early June Updates

From Rene Esler, Challenge Aerial Owner
Before I provide you with updates and news from Challenge Aerial, I want to clearly state that Black Lives Matter. Challenge Aerial stands in solidarity with our family, friends, neighbors, and community who are voicing their despair, anger, and frustration with systems that not only fail to protect, but actively oppress and devalue Black lives.We have always worked to provide a safe and nurturing space for every person that came through our door. If we are failing in our efforts, please let us know. Challenge Aerial must be a place where all people know that they are seen, heard, understood, and celebrated for exactly who they are. Every day. All the time.

Updates on Open Studios

Thank you to each and every one of you who have honored our new protocols for entering the studio and practicing on the equipment.  You have been diligent and patient and we appreciate your commitment to your own and your community’s health and well-being. Our current open studio schedule will continue for the first couple of weeks of June at least, while we continue to monitor our region’s COVID-19 numbers. You can view the schedule and register for an open studio slot at

Reminder- We changed our online reservation and payment system while we were “on hiatus”. You will find the new system quite easy to use (though you will get a series of one-time confirmation emails when you first sign up), but it does require you to set up a new account. Email us if you have any problems so we can help you register and learn where the system’s bottlenecks. Look for the green Create Account button on the upper right corner of the screen when you get to the Schedule page and follow the prompts

Private Lessons Begin

When you are ready to begin your private lessons again, we are ready to provide them. Our safety protocols will apply to all private lessons. You can pay for your lesson online, and once you have paid, email us at and let us know your 1.) preferred apparatus, 2)  available days/times, 3) preferred instructor (if you have one). You can also coordinate your lesson directly with one of Challenge Aerial’s instructors if you have done that in the past. 

Advanced Level Classes

Later this month, we will begin opening up advanced level classes again. The classes will be much smaller than in the past to ensure individual use of equipment, but we will try to make sure we are offering enough classes to ensure that anyone who wants to attend a class has the opportunity. We will send updates and the new schedule once we have it ready. We are beginning with advance levels to minimize the spotting requirements, but if you are a beginning or intermediate student, please know that we haven’t forgotten you.…we just need a wee bit more time to get your classes set up.

Summer Camps

We will be offering half-day summer camps in July (July 13-17 and July 20-24) for rising 4th to rising 6th graders. We are only allowing 12 students per camp, so we expect the camps to fill up fast. Camp registration will be open next week, so please let your friends know. We consider these camps essential to ensuring that we are nurturing the next generation of aerialists.

In closing, I want to again thank all of you for your support. You are our beloved community and we are so very happy to be part of your aerial journey.