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We’re re-opening May 16, 2020!

Challenge Aerial (in accordance with the Georgia Governor’s guidance for COVID-19 reopening) will re-open on Saturday, May 16, 2020! We have missed you all and are excited to see you all again. We will re-open in phases and are beginning our reopening journey with Open Studios. Open studios will be monitored open practice time, but to practice safe distancing and reduce shared surfaces, staff and students will be taking steps to keep themselves and their aerial colleagues safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our commitment to you and your commitment to your aerial community is below.

Our Commitment to You– we want your aerial experience to be safe for everyone. To ensure a safe and healthy aerial experience, we will be doing the following for each student when they arrive.

  • Applying hand sanitizer. We will spray your hands with hand sanitizer as you enter the studio (we also ask you to wash your hands before coming to class.)
  • Taking your temperature with a no-touch thermometer. If you register a temperature at 100%F or above, we will tell you to go home and rest. Please know that we are doing this out of concern for your health and well-being, as well as those around you. 
  • Requiring that you stay at least 6 feet apart as you wait to enter the studio, and once you are in the studio.
  • Limiting you to one piece of equipment.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment and shared surfaces after every class.
  • Removing shared items such as Chalk and Sticky Spray
  • Offering individual warm-up mats.  

Your Commitment to Us- we want you to be part of the Challenge Aerial Family for a long, long time, so we ask you to make a long-term commitment to your physical and mental health as well as the health of our community by-

  • Honoring your health and well-being by choosing not to come if you (or a family member) is sick.
  • Wearing a mask when entering and leaving the studio.
  • Registering for the class in advance.
  • Treating yourself (and others) gently and with respect

Many of you have been away from your aerial practice for months, and you may be experiencing stress and anxiety related to your current situation or environment. You are part of our cherished community and we are here for you. We will celebrate you for being you and for being here with us whenever you are ready to return.